Monday, March 17, 2008


The SI annually hosts the expoSItion (notice the SI cleverly placed in the middle of the word). This, being my first year in the SI, was my first time participating in the event and am happy to report that it went very well. A lot of great potential employers, including Microsoft and Sapient, were there to check out the projects on which we've all been working this and last semester (see this list). I had three posters of which I had a part in the project development, so I was running around trying to me "available" at all of them; I was successful for the most part, I think, but next year, I'm going to try to do it a little differently.

Tomorrow, I have back to back interviews with Microsoft then Sapient, so I'm getting geared up for that. I plan on talking about my product manager role in talking points and about my 622 interface and interaction analysis project.

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Spike said...

Ha...what a great picture. You were totally stylin' at the Expo.

We should catch up and chat. I'll buy the first round.