Sunday, March 4, 2007

Gift Reward Center R.I.P.

They've made the transition from legitmate company to just another misleading online scam with thier new addition to thier T.O.S. :

"For purposes of participation in this program a user will be deemed to be Fraudulent if the user signs up for advertiser’s offers and subsequently cancels three (3) or more of those offers for which a purchase has been made within a 90 day time period from the date of signing up for the offer. Additionally, any user that is deemed to be Fraudulent will not be given credit for any other offers that were previously completed and will be banned forever from participating in the company’s programs."

So if you don't stay on with the offer sites for 90 or more days (except for 3) you are apparently a fraud and are disqualified.

Well, if was fun while it lasted!

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